Friday, 11 November 2016

Farewell Leonard

I have been sitting listening to the CBC Radio 2 tribute to Leonard Cohen. He has died at the age of 82. And here are 82 reasons why you should care.

He had just released a new album "You Want It Darker" and the New Yorker printed a profile in its October 17 issue. By a curious twist of fate, the magazine came to be in my mailbox, by mistake, and I took the opportunity to read it before passing it along to my neighbour, who has a subscription but was at work while I read it.

Elizabeth Renzetti has a piece in the Globe about the impact he had on her

"If you live without the comfort of religious belief, as I do, it seemed like the universe was playing a cruel joke by removing a force of light just when the world seems so broken. But the crack, as he so memorably taught us, is how the light gets in."

There is a lot on Twitter right now too. Including this image

He saw the future with unerring accuracy.  Maybe we should all have paid more attention.  

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