Monday, 1 February 2016

Apple Genius Fail

There is currently a recall out for Apple's wall plug adapters.  Some of the adapters in the World Travel Adapter kit need to be replaced because they might break and create the risk of an electrical shock. There are a couple of options as to how to do that but the obviously best thing to do is

"Exchange your adapter(s) at your local Apple Store (Genius Bar reservation recommended)"

So that is what I did. There is an "Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Exchange Program" and that is what automatically set up my Genius Bar appointment (all I had to do was pick the store, date and time). I picked a couple of days ahead, to be sure that they would have the right bits when I got there.

But that is not what happened. I got to the store, was asked to wait, and when the genius appeared (their word not mine) she looked at the box as though she had never seen one before. She took out each of the adapters, and looked at them. She checked the box descriptions to try and identify them, as her iPad did not seem to offer the help she needed. So then I told her which ones were which, and showed her the ones that needed to be changed. Another genius joined her. They spent more time rehearsing what I had said.

Eventually they said they did not have any of the parts I needed - despite having the advantage of me letting them know some days in advance I was coming in to get them. I thought Apple was a high tech whiz at issues like distribution and inventory control. They asked me for enough information when I made the appointment and they had time to get the parts.

Then they asked me to confirm my contact details - and said they would contact me when they became available. They were unable or unwilling to specify when that might be.

Waste of my time going there, but I suppose they do have to guard against people trying to get wall plugs under false pretences or something. I don't know. I felt like I was dealing with some mid 20th century communist bureaucracy.

UPDATE  Feb 4 2016 I got a canned email telling me I could "pick up the parts" now - if I bring photo ID with me.

ANOTHER UPDATE Feb 5 2016 - I get to the store and get another "genius" who admits right off that she has no clue what I am talking about. Fortunately I am sitting right next to an iMac, so I call up the Apple Support page with that illustration above, and show her the three plugs we are talking about: one each for Europe, Korea and Australia. My World Travel Adapter Kit does not have the Brazil plug. She does not ask to see my id, by the way.

So off she goes and comes back with one Europe plug. Which is progress of a sort but not exactly what is required. After some more to and fro she finds both the Korean plug and the original order which omitted to mention Australia.

So now she is going to order that last plug and we get to go through all this again in a few days time.

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