Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Speed of the Internet

We have Telus providing our home phone, tv and internet. That means when the phone rings, the number calling us shows up on our tv screen. I did not recognise it, when it rang during the CBC Vancouver News, and my partner answered it. It was Telus, wanting to know if we would like to upgrade our internet speed.

She does not know what our current speed is, and does not much care. So she did not bite on the offer of 50mb. I have been wondering about our home internet speed ever since I saw the contractors' trucks down on Valley Drive installing fibre optic cables - for Telus. It seemed to me that if we were going to see a significant change in internet speed, more money would have to change hands.

Anyway, while I was preparing dinner (spaghetti squash with bolognese sauce) she looked up her Telus bill. We are paying for Internet 25 - but when I ran the speedtest I was actually getting only ~5Mbps. But then when I went to the Telus support webpage and the key bit of information there is this advice "Connect an Ethernet cable to your modem for best results". I had been using wifi: now I am on the cable I am getting 26.71Mps - over five times faster! A bit of furniture arranging and switching of plugs and outlets later, and I am a much happier camper. I think for now she is right, we don't need 50, when I can get 25. Maybe if we used different kind of services it would be different: but if I want to watch full length video we use Apple TV and the tv set, not the laptop. Or maybe Chromecast on the bedroom tv: not that we use that much either. But for stuff like flickr and tweetdeck this will be fine, thank you.

PS I am so close to the router/wifi base now that I get the faster speed even without the ethernet cable. I was just sitting in the wrong place!

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