Monday, 28 October 2013

Upgraded to Mavericks

I have been less than excited about this "upgrade" to my laptop's operating system. My impression is that things are slower - despite everyone else claiming that it is supposed to speed things up. I wait for apps to open that use to be there instantly. There are times when I sit staring at the little spinning multicoloured disk for what seems like far too long. I keep losing interest when new tabs I have opened in Safari to see a linked web page remain completely empty - and the blue colour on the address bar remains stubbornly at 10% across.

I have read in several places how this new system will be able to better to handle multiple displays - including using a tv through AirPlay and Apple TV. Apparently you can set it up so one display shows something different from the other. So I could, in theory, use it to have a Safari window open on my tv showing a video. But no matter what I tried I could not get the display icon to show up at the top of my screen. I even went through a software update on my Apple TV to see if that helped.

The answer apparently is that my MacBookPro is too old.

(Apple says that AirPlay requires a second-generation Apple TV or later and a 2011-era Mac or later.)

So if I wanted to use my HD tv as a display, I need to go out and buy a new Mac. 

I have the strong impression that this upgrade is free because it will push people with older Macs to buy new ones. 

That was certainly the pattern in the days when I ran Windows on PCs. The rate of obsolescence was driven by the system - and was one reason why I started putzing around with Linux. I could keep older machines going for longer with no loss of performance. Now I am inside the Apple walled garden, things seem to be going the same way.

Indeed just recently I learned that I was not the only one who has an older Mac who finds this new OS version has slowed things down. But then that did come from someone who makes a living selling new computers

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