Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Changing the Adsense

When I look at this blog I see an ad at the top of the right hand column. I have both moved up the Googlesense ads and allowed them to include images. I am still not controlling their content at all. Though Google does allow me to do that. So far I see no reason to, unless my readers complain.

This blog has always been different to the one that I have spent most time on. The one about transport and planning and related issues, that is hosted by WordPress. They do insert ads, but they get all the revenue. I could have that one ad free, but would then have to pay for it. My readers there say the ads don't bother them.

On flickr, I continue to pay for a pro account because I do not want to see ads. But I suppose that anyone else looking at my pictures there will now get ads inserted. Yahoo, of course, will no more share that ad revenue with its content creators than WordPress does.

But Google is different. I do have an Adsense account. Since 2007 it has earned me a princely $5. I was only when one of my flickr contacts drew attention to his much bigger stash that I learned of the Google wrinkle. They do not pay out small sums. To get any money from Adsense, my account has to have $100 in it. At this rate, I doubt I will live that long. But I am going to make a point of going to my friends blogs on blogger, and clicking an ad, to see if I can help them get a little cash.

This will never be a Dragon's Den item. It is highly unlikely to make the slightest bit of difference. But then I did win some money with one of my Premium Bonds a while ago. They haven't paid out that either.

Can you click the ad, please? And would you please add a comment below.

There is a poll below. Please use it. I can also get feedback if I see a rise in clicks - or comments telling me I should not be doing this.

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