Monday, 3 June 2013

Cell phone hijack attempt

I got a txt message this morning that appeared to come from Mobilicity

"You are about to receive new settings to your device, to ensure your Samsung SGH-T999V is functioning correctly please accept them. Do not reply to this message."

and sure enough the reply button was disabled.

The slightly incorrect English was a bit odd, but the real warning sign was that bit about my device. I do not have such a thing and the message came on my old Nokia smart phone. Surely, I thought, my service provider knows what device I am using to access its network. The second message did not even have Mobilicity in the From: field but Service Provider. It read

"Select 'Save' from 'Options' to configure al settings. Access points: MoWAP Web settings: Homepage

I did no such thing, but I did call 611. After the usual long wait, I got to speak to someone - probably on the other side of the globe, who knows. But he confirmed that the message did not come from Mobilicity.

Why someone would want to capture my home page, I cannot guess, but I suspect much darker motivations.

Like the old Sarge on used to say on Hill Street Blues "Let's be careful out there."

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