Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nigiri at Sapporo Sushi

Nigiri by Stephen Rees
Nigiri, a photo by Stephen Rees on Flickr.

Located at Arbutus Village (4255 Arbutus St) a strip mall opposite the Arbutus Club.

This is a small establishment mostly catering to the take out market - and even if you eat there, serves its food on styrofoam. It is the sort of place where you order at the counter, get your own tea (which you could refill if you so desired) from an urn into a styrofoam beaker and pay before you see the food.

The menu is stuck to the counter and there are no translations. I ordered my nigiri by the piece and this came to $16.50 before tax. Most sushi places in this part of town would charge about the same, and there are quite a few along both Arbutus and 41st. In even the smallest "hole in the wall" cafes, they would serve onto real plates - or bento boxes. There would be cheaper sushi too - but not this sort of selection. Sushi specials tend to be rolls, and cheaper kinds of fish. For instance, most California rolls will use imitation crab even though we have plenty of crab in our local waters.

That being said, I think the quality of the fish is excellent and you can judge the presentation for yourself. Given the ambience I doubt I would travel very far to go here. They are opening another outlet on Robson, which might be worth checking out

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