Thursday, 15 March 2012

Restaurant Review: The Crab King, Steveston

Crab King Premises.

There was a sudden outbreak of sunshine this morning, which convinced me that I should get out of the house, and have lunch outside somewhere. A couple of weeks ago we had been walking in Steveston and saw that there was a new float moored between the fish sales dock and Pajos, and it was open, selling crabs. This is a meal of which I am inordinately fond. One of the highlights of our trip to San Francisco was the availability of crab meals almost everywhere, but especially at fisherman's wharf, where the competition between restaurants selling crab is intense. It has since struck me as curious that we do not seem to be as keen on eating crab as they are. The Crab King is the first venture of its kind here.

Fortunately the sunshine had also persuaded the owners to open for lunch. However not many people were as interested as I was in eating outside. The cafe had sustained some damage in the week's windstorm, losing much of its weather protection. So sitting there today in a stiff breeze was quite chilly. By the time I had finished my half crab the small bowl of melted butter was solid.

Small stock today

As a weather dependent business they have to get good at predicting demand, I was their only customer between 12 and 1 today - though quite a few people came to look around. They will have many more crabs at the weekend, they said. At present these crabs come from the Island: once the season opens, they will come from Howe Sound or the Straight.

The half steamed crab I had was very tasty


This link takes you to their menu, which differs considerably from what was on offer today.

I had half a steamed crab which came to $12.95 with GST $14.50. They take cash or interac - no credit cards.


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