Friday, 30 December 2011

Lessons from the Power Outage

There is plenty of hot water in the tank, and it will keep reheating as it runs on gas. Unlike the furnace, the water heater does not need mains power for its control or ignition.

The phone does not work. Even though I have corded phones, I use Shaw home phone which relies on a modem on the cable. And that modem has to be powered to work. If you are debating the virtues of buying a package deal between Shaw and Telus, that might be the decider. Telus land lines work in power cuts - as long as you have a simple corded phone.

The cell phone of course works and can also be used for internet connectivity as long as its own battery is charged. I have now bought a spare wall charger and another for use in the car.

The alarm clock-radio still works (it has a back up battery) even though its display is off: so the alarm will sound even though you cannot tell the time from it. I have several clocks which run on batteries and of course an old fashioned wristwatch which winds itself.

I have emergency candles: I have no candlesticks. Saucers work and are essential to catch wax drips. The candles should be kept with the saucers and matches.

The flash light batteries died almost as soon as I turned it on. It uses rechargeable cells, but I also have spare non-rechargeable cells. When the rechargeable fades, it fades fast. I had forgotten that I had put rechargeables in it and had not recharged them as a standard practice.

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