Wednesday, 19 October 2011

"Chef Sampler" sushi from Thrifty Foods

A new store opened today in Sapperton. Thrifty now have seven stores in the Lower Mainland with "more to come". They are no longer the independent Vancouver Island company I got to know when I first moved to Victoria but part of IGA - which means that there are growing numbers of "Compliments" brand goods on their shelves replacing the Alex Campbell brand in some cases. However, it is still a store worth driving a distance for - especially for their fresh foods. In store made sushi been one of the attractions (this selection was $9.69, which compares favourably to most take out places). Indeed the people working the sushi counter recognized me from the Tsawassen store. New Westminster is about the same drive time - and their traffic is no worse than getting stuck on the wrong side of the tunnel in the pm peak. Moreover this store will be open 24/7 which means that is will be relatively convenient for shifts at the bridge - and much to be preferred over Wal-Mart, which is close but unacceptable!

The store is located on the former brewery site and, of course, does not show up yet on Google - so roughly on East Columbia between Alberta and Simpson Streets on the east side of the street. There is underground parking - but you will need to pay and get the ticket "validated" (this was not the case today as a concession on opening) and remember your stall number.

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