Monday, 26 September 2011

WINDmobile: The saga

I got a bill in the email from WIND today. I would like to say I am surprised but I am not. You might want to read my reasons why I left WIND before going further.

As far as I am concerned I ended my relationship with WIND on September 13th when I sent them this email (some personal identifying data has been redacted)

I have been on hold for a "cancellation agent" for half an hour. That is beyond unacceptable. Indeed if the customer service agent I had been speaking to had not said "I am going to transfer you and wait on line with you until the cancellation agent answers" I would have hung up sooner. Instead I heard the same tune and the recorded voice promising a "real person" would answer in a minute over and over again. In all that time I heard nothing further from the customer service agent. I assume he was forced to answer other calls and could not wait with me.

My account number is xxxxxxxxx

My phone number was xxxxxxxx

Stephen Rees
xxxxxxxx Highway
Richmond BC
V7x xxx

On Friday of last week I unlocked my phone. Since then the SIM card for WIND will NOT connect to your service. I have therefore gone to a new, more competitive service provider.

The customer service agent told me that my account shows a balance owing of 50c. However, your payment system cannot accept payments under $1.

That, it seems to me, is your problem not mine. I think that a company that expects its customers to go out of their way to make payments in cash is out of touch with current reality. If you had paypal, for instance, I could settle easily. If your on line system for credit cards actually worked - or if the agent could have said either that the amount would be waived as a gesture of good will, or some acceptable payment method suggested, then we would not have an issue.

[here I inserted a link to my previous blog post]

I would also commend the customer service agent for being the first WIND employee who actually tried to win back my business. Sadly, he was too late and had nothing to offer that I wanted. The interminable delay that was imposed on me because I wanted to close my account settles the matter for me. I would not come back to you now even if you paid me to.

When I tried calling WIND's customer service number today on my cell phone I was first cut off, then found that my phone dialler could not select any of the options on their system. So I had to call them on a land line.

When I got through, the customer service agent confirmed that they had a record of my previous conversation, and the email I have quoted above. Note here that they have never replied to that email. She insisted that I had not closed my account since I did not stay on the line after being kept on hold to speak to the "customer loyalty department". She also said that she did not have the ability to cancel my account either. I explained that I was using a land line at work, and that I could not tie up that one while on hold to speak to someone who COULD cancel my account. After some asperity on my part, I suggested that she write down my new cell phone number and ask the cancellation agent to call me on that, since I cannot use their system on my cell (as described above). She agreed that she could ask them to call me. That was an hour ago. I have yet to hear from them, so I decided to start writing this blog post.

As things stand at the moment, I have a cell phone that is incapable of calling the WIND system - even if I put back their SIM card. I am being required to pay for a month of service on this phone that I have not used on their system. Since I have been unable to talk to a cancellation agent, billing will continue until I can. But now I am simply waiting for them to call me.

UPDATE September 27

I had a call today from Kathy at WINDMobile. She said "this should have been handled better. I will take care of it for you." She then "took it off the air" and closed the account, confirming that it now shows a zero balance. She also said "I apologize" and hoped that they would have an opportunity to better in future.


Doug Caswell said...

I recently joined wind purchasing the Blackberry Z10 unlimted data plan. After 6 weeks, I was contacted by wind to say that I was using too much bandwidth and the unlimited plan is limted to 5Gb. I asked the store to modify their advertising but they refused. I have complained to the CRTC and Consumers Ontario and Caanada. This is bait and switch and they are false advertising.

Lyle said...

As I recall the plan is unlimited with a "fair use" policy. You can use up to 5Gb at high speed, after you reach the 5Gb mark wind will reduce your speed to something around 256kb. I believe that under the new CRTC ruling they are required to inform you when you are reaching the limit.
It is srill just have to be more patient.

Stephen Rees said...

Sorry but the word "unlimited" is not subject to qualification. There are some words like "hungry" which can be qualified - very hungry, a little hungry - meaningfully. But "unlimited" is like "virgin" or "unique". You cannot be "very unique" any more than "slightly pregnant". You are ARE or ARE NOT. Binary. No shades of grey.

If you offer me UNLIMITED service, that means, no limits of any kind can be placed on it. "Reasonable" or "fair use" is BY DEFINITION excluded.

It is NOT unlimited - so WIND lied. Simple. It is limited and is controlled to an unspecified extent by their whim. Not a deal that anyone would agree to.

"All you can eat" does not mean "we think you should be able to consume in a time that we will announce later"

Anonymous said...

I signed up for Wind in Guelph Ontario. The coverage is not good. I did not had any coverage in my house although it is well within the coverage area. Even some times, there was no service at my phone, even does not go to Wind Away. There signals are pretty weak. I had Bell before, it was working perfectly in my house and my basement. Consider this when signing up with them.
Fazli Guelph Ontario