Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sigh of relief

When I learned about Shaw's limit on bandwidth, and the usage charges, I got worried. I could not find anything on their web page, so I wrote to them - and tweeted about it. This is the reply I got to-day

Good morning Stephen,

Thank you for your email dated January 20, 2011.

After reviewing your account I can confirm that you have not exceeded the limit within the last 6 months (that is as far back as we can see). With our High Speed Internet connection you have a limit of 60 GB/month. You were between 6 GB and 11 GB over the last 6 months and nowhere near the limits. The majority of our customers will never exceed their bandwidth limits. If you continue to use the internet as you have been, you will never have to worry about being billed extra for your internet service.

There is a process in place for customers who exceed their limits. The second consecutive month they go over, they will be notified in your monthly invoice and a monitoring tool will be enabled within our Online Customer Care website The invoice will include a graph that shows the usage over the last few months too. At this point there are no charges for the overage, we will simply work with our customers to reduce the amount of data or adjust the services on the account for more bandwidth to suit their needs. If the usage limits are broken after this point, the account will be billed.

I understand that we may enable the monitoring tool on our website for all customers rather than only for those who exceed after they exceed. I’m hoping this is the case and it will be available shortly.

Please let us know if you have any additional concerns, or feel free to contact us through our Live Chat . Simply go to When sending a reply, please remember to include all previous correspondence. Thank you.

Juanita - 3719
eCare Team

Shaw Cablesystems GP
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