Thursday, 7 October 2010


At one time I used to keep the receipts for everything. Just in case. The litter that created I have been recycling. But I may have to start again, as so many things that I buy disappoint.

Not that this is a Big Deal - but when did it become standard practice to sell oranges with no juice in them? They look fine on the outside - and feel firm. But when they are peeled and segmented each one is simply a bundle of fibres. With almost no liquid. You cannot squeeze anything out of them at all. And this seems to be as likely with large Australian navels as small Peruvian mandarins.

Telus offer

I have decided to revive what has been dormant for a while . This blog I set up for things that were not transportation or planning. Maybe that's not specific enough - and may need to be changed. We will see but right now I have some things bugging me that i think are worth sharing with a wider audience.

I got an offer from Telus in the mail this morning. I have been looking at what I pay for tv, telephone and internet and this looked very tempting. Until I turned it over and started to read the tiny grey print on the back. Actually the fact that the print is so small and difficult to read is a red light for me, but the details are not at all encouraging. To get the promised low prices you have to sign a three year contract. They offer something really cheap in year 1, but say nothing about the rates in future years - but they do specify penalties for breaking the contract. In other words, the deal will turn out to be so poor that they expect people to want to get out of it once they find out what the prices are for the second and third years.

No, I won't switch. And if you want me as a customer, I want to know that i will be treated respectfully - not to be treated like a sucker.

And just in case anyone at Telus reads this the offer code is PZR01