Thursday, 26 March 2009

Greens Advocate for BC Police Service and Commission

Victoria – The Green Party of BC today announced that it advocates for a BC Police Service (BCPS) to oversee policing matters in the province that are not related to federal areas of concern.

“BC is at the stage where we need to take back our responsibility for policing and work in conjunction with municipal and federal forces,” said BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk.

“Greens would regionalize police services in the Lower Mainland and the Capital Region", Sterk continued. "We need to rationalize and streamline the current patchwork of municipal forces, provide consistent province-wide training and procedural standards, and avoid costly infrastructure duplication.”

The Green Party of BC will support the appointment an independent Police Services Commissioner, to oversee investigations into police conduct for all BC, municipal and regional jurisdictions.

"The Green Party believes internal police investigations should be in the hands of an independent commissioner," Sterk also stated.

"The BC public perceives a lack of transparency in internal police investigations," Sterk said. "This is eroding trust in our law enforcement system that must be rebuilt. Nobody believes that organizations are able to act impartially in matters involving themselves and the police are no different. The only way to ensure transparency and unbiased results is to form an independent group to manage that task."

You might think that the Green Party had been reading this blog. As it happens I had nothing to do with the Press Release above, but it is nice to note how congruent my views (expressed here more than once) fit in with the Party

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