Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Males of All Species Are Becoming More Female

For quite a long time now I have refrained from comment on those people who point to all our environmental ills and blame it on the exploding population. Malthus was wrong - or at least centuries ahead of his time - and population control is often a flag of convenience for various kinds of fascism.

It seems that humans may well have managed, indavertantly, to come up with a solution to population growth. It is indeed unfortunate that this applies to all the other species too. Since we do not appear to be capable of dealing with our emissions, and will therefore face a planet much more hostile to human life, this may be, quite literally, the end of human life on this planet. It would have been some comfort to think that the other species we have preyed on and brought close to extinction might have survived us, but that is not to be either.

In the fullness of time, I have no doubt that the planet will manage to regulate itself back to the point where life can resume. None of us - or our decendants - will be here to see it of course.

But meantime, we will remain focussed on re-starting the failed economy. The environment is just such a low priority these days.

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