Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday distractions

Nothing serious - just the fruits of some idle surfing.

Richmond's sister city is Wakayama in Japan. Which is fine, but I think we should have more contact with all the other Richmonds in the world - and there are plenty.

This piece of news comes from Richmond in South West London. TfL are finally going to do something about the computer screens in the stations there which have been misdirecting passengers for years. This comes from Your Local Guardian which I doubt has anything to do with the national paper who certainly would never go for the creepy animated hand in the heading, which I suppose is to celebrate Hallowe'en.

The other story comes from Dallas and advises that you may actually be able to carry a bottle of liquid through airport security soon. I have never thought that this "threat" was actually very credible - and the idea that you could start mixing up chemicals to make bombs on a crowded plane and NOT draw attention top yourself is highly improbable. And of course we will have to wait until everytbody buys new machines - which is what is, I think, really driving this nonsense. That and the fact that people who are scared are less likely to question authority.

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