Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Vinyl Cafe

Every Saturday morning I listen to Stuart McLean on the This week he was giving out his Arthur awards, and the one that caught my attention went to a gentleman in Edmonton. He owned a building that houses a restaurant where he liked to go to eat. A developer offered him a large sum of money for the building but instead he decided to sell it to the owners of the restaurant. I think you should be able to download a podcast of the show - it is quite the story.

So the restaurant is called The High Level Diner and it is at the south end of the bridge.

I had hoped to find out a bit more, so I poked around on Stuart's blog where I found an even better story on Tyler Aspin's Canada Tree.

Radio Two has been overhauled - and made much worse in my view. But Stuart McLean is a national treasure and at least they had the sense to leave the Vinyl Cafe alone.

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Kyle said...

High Level diner is quite a great place. Favourite local hangout for a lot of the creative class of Edmonton. Right by the University, right by Whyte Avenue, and not far from downtown (although, there isn't much going on downtonw; but, that's changing).

Glad that the building didn't get sold, that little block of buildings is one of my favourites.

Just a couple doors down from the High Level Diner is another one of my favourite restauraunts: The Sugar Bowl.

And of course, it's great ot go grab some dinner before a show at the Garneau Theatre.

Good times indeed - and nice photo.