Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The truth about Acorn

While I was in Kansas last week I heard a lot about Acorn. That is because CNN and FOX seem to dominate the public tv screens in USA airports. I do not know who decides which channel to tune these tvs to, but it is never PBS, for example. And of course it came up once again in the third presidential debate. It is an old and dirty trick to accuse your opponent of the very underhand tactics you are employing yourself. The Republican Party has always worked as hard as possible to prevent people from voting, if they come from the sort of groups who may favour their opponents. It is a long and dishonourable tradition in the US to try and stop people who are black or hispanic from being allowed to register to vote. Acorn has been fighting this and is now being smeared. The Republican Party stole the 2000 election. If they can they will steal this one too and if they can't they want to be able to discredit the result. The Republican Party cares nothing for truth, justice or The American Way.

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