Saturday, 11 October 2008

Bulking up Pentagon North

I have been taking the line "Anyone but Harper"

I take this view simply due to Harpers abysmal environmental record. Linda McQuaig produces another strong reason we need to get rid of this goverment.

He plans to spend $500 billion on defence: the plan is on the Department of National Defence's website – called Canada First Defence Strategy
In a 2008 pre-budget survey conducted for the finance department, Canadians were asked which of 18 different issues they considered a high priority. "Increasing spending on defence" ranked last.

There's a rich irony in this ramped-up military spending. In the election campaign, Harper has accused Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion of "reckless spending" for his plan to invest $70 billion in infrastructure over the next 10 years.

Meanwhile, Harper claims to be a thrifty economic manager, even as he quietly plans a massive spending spree on military hardware.

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