Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Radio 2

So far pretty much as expected. From 1000 to 1500 you get almost continuous classical music from a somewhat predictable play list, with much less talk than before. "Here's to You" was requests and Eric Friesen loved the sound of his own voice. So this is now probably an improvement over old Radio 2 in terms of "audible wall paper". Not particularly original or engaging, and not really "company". Eric did get regular studio guests who were worth listening to, and regular live performers too. One of the good things that radio can do is introduce you to people and music you have not heard of before - like Gabriella Montero. Somehow I do not see this happening now. And while I am talking about company, Tom Allen former host of "Music and company" is still on the morning show - but what a load of old pop - and again there are much better sources if that is what you want. Rock 101 would be my first choice here.

Outside of those times it seems classical is not tolerated but any other "genre" is as long as it is Canadian. Sadly, there seems to be very little quality control. And even as a nice noise while driving I find myself pushing the off button. I really do not understand why Country and Western music should get so much air time. There are plenty of stations that do that already, aren't there?

"Disc Drive" is of course gone. And in it's place, the unimaginatively named "Drive" - playing a much less diverse collection of music (though mercifully no Boutine Souriante) and no humour. Perhaps they forgot the L at the end of the title.

But for me today the good news is that London Drugs got a new stock of USB turntables. So right now I am listening to an old LP of John Williams playing some lovely guitar music - it is an old CBS three record box set and somehow the "liner notes" are missing - at least the English ones anyway. It's Villa-Lobos Etude No 8 in C sharp minor. And I am going to have to find some instructions for Audacity to clean up the snap crackle and pop before I burn it to anything. But it is nice to have playing through the computer speakers while I type.

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