Saturday, 14 June 2008

Worse Than Fascists: Christian Political Group 'The Family'

Jeff Sharlet's new book, "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power," offers a rare glimpse of this remarkable network, which is known variously as the Family, the Fellowship and the International Foundation.
Apparently to get the Kingdom of Heaven on earth it is no good dealing with the poor and the hungry. What you really need to do is get the rich and powerful on your side.

I have never liked the right wing "christian" fundamentalist point of view. And now it turns out that all that stuff some Jewish carpenter 2000 years ago was spouting was wrong and what God really means was the you should be anti trade union. Someone in Seattle had vision in the thirties.

This is my problem with religion. All of them. You have to take someone's word that the voices they hear are to be trusted. Now we tend to regard people who hear voices as at best eccentric or at worst dangerously psychotic. Quite why the Norwegian evangelist does not fit that role is hard to say. I suppose you have to buy the book. Or maybe he was just another skillful marketer identifying what his target market segment wanted to buy.

Equally, people who keep digging up conspiracies tend to be regarded as paranoid. But just because you are paranoid does not mean there are no conspiracies.

And that APA book that comes out at regular intervals with newly discovered mental illnesses will have all of us pigeonholed and medicated soon.

But I still refuse to believe anything that cannot stand up to rigorous intellectual and scientific investigation. If there is a Creator he endowed me with commonsense and a capacity for critical thinking and I do not see why He would want me to abandon them as a condition for everlasting life - which is something I think I would rather do without, thank you very much.

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