Tuesday, 17 June 2008


There is a short and very even tempered piece by Mr Arar in today's Globe and Mail.

The American government is now in full "cover your ass" mode. It knows that what it did was indefensible and totally unjustified. The grounds for suspecting Mr Arar were "nonsense". The process he was subjected to was illegal, and should never even have been contemplated in a country that claims to be a bastion of liberty. There was no reason to detain him in the first place since he was merely passing through New York on his way home. There was no risk of any kind.

The Canadian government has now investigated and apologized for its own disgraceful role and given Mr Arar some money - though no amount could be enough to repair the dreadful treatment he received.

The Bush administration in continuing to stonewall is simply confirming the view that it is incompetent, stupid and guilty as hell.

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