Wednesday, 14 May 2008

U.S. lists polar bears as 'threatened' species

The U.S. government has decided to list polar bears as a threatened species under its Endangered Species Act because of the effects of global warming — a decision that could deal a severe blow to the lucrative sport hunt in Canada's North.
Good. Of course you do not hunt a species threatened with extinction.

Hopefully polar bears will begin to adapt to changing circumstances. They are closely related to other bears that are better equipped to deal with a warmer climate, so eventually we may see a different kind of bear. Or we may have to face up to the fact that when we destroy a creature's habitat it starts to adapt its behaviour in ways that inconvenience us. Like urban foxes and skunks.

But if we actually care about protecting species, and having an ecosystem which can adapt, we must stop people from killing for "fun" or "sport". Indeed, it might be a good idea to consider listing the desire to go hunting among urban males as a psychological disorder. Is there really that much difference between someone who likes - as a recreational activity mind - to shoot bears and one who likes to shoot people?

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