Sunday, 20 April 2008

Why the great British breakfast is a killer

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You never see anyone with a degree eating a fry-up; they're too intelligent to consume it, says Times restaurant critic
Wrong. I have two degrees.

Certainly not someone with a 2:1 or better in a humanities subject from a university founded before the invention of the iPod. That's because they are smart enough to know better.
My 2:1 dates from 1970 from a university founded in the 1920s, and my MSc(Econ) from 1976 is from LSE. Not exactly a new university either.

Unusually, the Times prints its own rebuttal on the same page from Ross Anderson

As for the notion that only stupid people eat fry-ups, this would be news in Martin's coffee house in Cambridge, where generations of geniuses have been getting it down their necks for decades. Or in Maria's caff in Limehouse, where some of the nation's finest financial brains shovel in the carbs before trotting off to make more millions at Canary Wharf. Equally risible is the suggestion that any of this is unhealthy. Tell that to the NHS's beleaguered GPs, their waiting rooms packed to the rafters with nonagenarian coffin-dodgers who for their entire lives have been packing away the Full English, the Full Scottish, the Ulster Fry and whatever they call it in Wales, and still have nothing more wrong with them than an ingrowing toenail. Tell it to the pension funds, struggling to pay out cash to people who, if any of this healthy eating claptrap were true, would have burst an artery years ago.

Your breakfast advice, Mr Coren? As we say in Scotland: save your breath to cool your porridge.
And of course go check out what Russel Davies has been up to

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