Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Robert Baltovich goes free - finally

Yet another miscarriage of justice is corrected - after a lot of very obvious reluctance.
The verdict came Tuesday, moments after the Crown stunned a Toronto courtroom with the announcement that it would not bring any evidence or witnesses forward in Baltovich's trial, which had been expected to last as long as eight weeks.

Prosecutors, who had planned to call 50 witnesses to the stand, said on Tuesday they had no reasonable prospect of conviction.
So now we need much, much more in the way of explanation.

Witnesses to what - since he did not do it? Has anyone asked Paul Bernardo if he did it? Since the Scarborough rapist went undetected for a long time while police forces indulged in their usual inter-jurisdictional rivalries, and young women's lives were lost as a result, maybe it is time the whole rotten system is finally opened up to some real reform, and there should be a lot less self righteous posturing and cover up.

We should also be thankful that the siren call of the vicious, vengeful capital punishment brigade has not been heeded.

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