Monday, 7 April 2008

Pricing cars

I followed a link at the Tyee to a Yahoo page on the top ten hybrids - and was amazed to see a price of $21,100 (MRSP). Then it occurred to me that the Tyee may not have realised that this site is for them not us. Despite near parity between the US and Canadian dollar, Canadians are required to pay much more for their cars - and some dealers and manufacturers try to make it as hard as possible for us to go down there and pick up a cheap car. I recently bought a Toyota, and if I could have found at this price, I would have bought a Prius like a shot.

So I went to the Toyota web page for Canada and priced a Prius. I ignored all the options and have not added taxes. The price is $30,870 before taxes and government rebates. This includes freight and delivery ($1240) battery tire and ac levies ($130 in all)

Is there any justification for a 50% price premium for a car here over the price in Blaine WA?

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