Thursday, 24 April 2008

Homeland Security and the High School Robots

This story was on Global BC TV News at 6 tonight. Some BC high school children won their way through intense competition to the finals of a competition - held in the US.

When they got there they found that the carefully packed robots were not with their baggage. They turned up later - wrecked.

Global's report suggested that this was due to "post 9/11 paranioa" but I think there is a much simpler explanation. This contest was very much publicised and there was only one Canadian team that got through to the finals. It may even be the case that parents of high school children work at the airport - maybe even for Homeland Security. What better way to ensure that the home team wins than some extra thorough attention to the competitor's equipment?

When you consider the number of cases of parents behaving badly at sports events, is too much to think that an over eager parent would be low enough to stoop to this kind of action?

Sorry, no link, the story is not on Global's web page

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