Sunday, 6 April 2008

The end of Vista?

Once upon a time I used to read Victor Zhorza in the Guardian. He was the expert on what was happening inside the Kremlin. And how he got his information was not usually questioned. Tek to do is a blog which watches Micro$oft and seems to have similar abilities

My contact with Vista was a month last year. My sister bought a new laptop that had it pre-installed, that we could use while we were in London clearing my late mother's estate. There were times when I would have thrown the thing out of the window had it been mine. Vista has all the hallmarks of the M$ philosophy. It is a space hog. It has all kinds of hidden activities that use band width. It is full of security holes and incompatibilities. For someone who has grown used to the reliability and security of open source, it was pain.

No one will will weep for the end of Vista - but the price of replacing it is too high. I will keep XP for the few things that I cannot work in Ubuntu. But I will never ever again pay for an operating system. And neither should you.

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