Friday, 11 April 2008

Cross-Canada protests decry CBC Radio changes, orchestra's end

Well done CBC News reporting on an issue which ought to be causing your organisation acute embarrassment.
CBC Radio programming head Jennifer McGuire defended the decision to feature "a broader, richer and diverse spectrum of music: classical, jazz, folk, world, R & B, singer-songwriter and roots."

But it is not clear that the classical Radio 2 needs to lose air time to achieve these aims. It is obvious that "folk, world, R & B, singer-songwriter and roots" appeals to a different demographic - and needs its own space. Now that may not be best distributed over the air on FM radio. Why not just expand CBC Radio 3?
Breaking New Sound. Showcasing Canadian independent music to the world. Listen to us live on Sirius Satellite on channel 94.
and of course podcasts. The people who like to listen to this kind of music use headphones and ipods. They will not be found at home with a radio on, but they will be on line downloading.

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