Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Brenda Martin "guilty"

Brenda Martin was a chef for
Alyn Waage, who was convicted of fraud in 2006. He is serving a 10-year term in a U.S. prison.

Martin maintained her innocence.... Waage has testified Martin was unaware of his activities.
The burden of proof in Mexico is that you are guilty unless you can prove you are innocent.

In other news, it has been suggested that NAFTA may be re-opened. If that is the case, we could put some other things on the table. As Stephen Harper says, we are now in a stronger position than we were 20 years ago. The model we might like to look at is Europe, which has a very stringent "harmonisation" procedure. This produces much better protection for issues such as the environment and consumer protection. Unfortunately for my example, much of Europe also still uses the Code Napoleon in criminal cases. But if we are at the bargaining table and the US and ourselves have the British, common law based jurisprudence system and a charter of rights/constitution, maybe we should push the Mexicans to get into line with us. It might help their tourism business too. Right now I have no desire to spend any time there.

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