Monday, 14 April 2008

Another quick and easy supper

NZ medallions of lamb with piccolo potatoes and mixed veg. I deglazed the pan with a little port left over from Christmas. The veg were from one of those prepared fresh bags, and these little potatoes need no washing or peeling. The whole thing took 20 minutes to prepare. Since the medallions were frozen, they were still nicely pink in the middle.


Corey said...

It's funny but a few years ago that kind of meal would have left me salivating and wanting more. Now I am down to half the days of the week where I barely eat meat, and the other half where my meal contains less than 100g of meat - as a result I just can't do steaks anymore.

I partly attribute this to the fact that my Chinese wife has gradually been switching me over to Chinese style cooking in the 5 years or so that we have been together. Richmond is so close by for us and as a result we can partake in the wide variety of tofu and other asian food goodies available at T&T and other Chinese supermarkets - also thinly sliced meats that reduce the amount of meat intake in a given meal. Now I can barely eat steak or roasts anymore - it's just too heavy for me. And while I still occaisonally crave a classic bacon and eggs with toast style western breakfast, after eating it I feel slightly ill and sluggish. Congee or oatmeal for me!

Sorry I am not criticizing your eating habits, but after reading some of the comments about health on your other blog I was thinking about how diet plays a major part in health. Yes, we need to walk much more, but on the whole I think we westerners eat far too much meat, and unlike the Chinese when we do eat meat it is in large pieces rather than mixed in with vegetables.

Just a few thoughts. Great picture!

Stephen Rees said...

I must admit at the time I considered only cooking half the medallions and leaving the others in the freezer. But they were quite small. Often when I cook a steak I only eat half and then have the rest, thinly sliced in sandwiches, a day or so later, for lunch.

But of course you are right. We British/Canadian/American types eat too much meat which is not good for us or the planet. And I have the waistline to prove it!