Monday, 31 March 2008

Scientists find genes linked to diabetes

If you - or someone close to you - has type 2 diabetes, click the title and read the article. And then thank your lucky stars that the Human Genome Project did not fall foul of the sort of people who like to get in the way of scientific research because it interferes with their fondly held belief system.

It turns out that several genes appear to work together in the faulty transport of blood sugar. I am not surprised since we have known for a long time that some ethnic groups have a far higher incidence of type 2 diabetes - North American First Nations. So it has always been apparent that genetics play a role, and as probably expected too, it is very complicated indeed. So while we are no nearer to a "quick fix" our understanding of this very important disease is getting better.

Of course if it turns out that stem cells are part of the solution you had better hope that we can work out how to avoid the need for foetal stem cells. Because the cold dead hand of the fundies still blocks that route.

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