Friday, 28 March 2008

Just when you thought that TSA could not get stupider

Mercifully there is no image or video with this story

It's bad enough that fliers have to remove their shoes at the airport, but an abundance of caution became uncomfortably bizarre when a Texas woman was ordered to take off her nipple ring - with pliers.

Now can anyone explain why a nipple ring is a security threat. And what happens if my titanium wrist joint sets off the alarm? Am I supposed to cut my hand off?

and here is a longer version of the same story - the image is of a partial mannequin and even that is wearing a bra!

UPDATE March 29

The TSA has now "reviewed its procedures" No word of apology, of course, nor the slightest indication that setting metal detectors so high that they find nipple rings serves no useful purpose. But at least people will no be required to remove them. Is there any recorded instance of people having to remove ear rings worn in plain sight?

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