Wednesday, 19 March 2008

In pursuit of the 'God shot'

Determined to make perfect espressos at home, Tim Hayward squandered absurd amounts of time and money on gadgetry most of us have never heard of, only to produce cup after cup of average coffee

Wednesday March 19, 2008
The Guardian

Well I sympathise. I have not gone as far as Tim Hayward did, but I have spent some money now on espresso machines - and coffee grinders. I am now on my third of each in 6 years - and the espresso machine just got back from being rebuilt. You can read my review on coffeegeek

I spend too much on beans no doubt - but you can taste the difference. Kick Ass from Kicking Horse Coffee is my current favourite and has been as low as $12 a packet. But you can also get a quite decent own brand Espresso in cans at Save On for less than a quarter of that. How important is fair trade, shade grown, organic to you? The cheapo burr grinder I bought from Superstore was just that - cheap. After a short time it could not be adjusted at all, and produced only coarse grind. Grind it too fine and the filters jam - risking explosions and showers of hot water and coffee grounds - and a two month wait for a repair. And no a moka pot and a battery powered whisk do not produce an adequate cappuccino.

And there is some dreadful stuff still being foisted on the public by people who like to call themselves "barristas". Price is not a reliable indicator of quality either.

But if you like Tim's then all this will be lost on you.

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