Monday, 24 March 2008

Cutting off dogs' tails leads to aggression, study finds

I could not believe it when I first saw it. That is because it has been banned where I come from. I read about - in "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell. A Victorian novelist and activist against cruelty to animals. Which the British really care about. It is a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - not for the similar one for children.

Rotweliers and Dobermans are breeds popular with people who like their dogs to be agressive. There is even a disgusting practice still here of operating on dog's ears to make them stick up and look sharp and pointy. I doubt you could find a vet in most countries willing to consider such mutilation for no good reason at all.

There are some very sick puppies out there - and they are human, not canine. There is nothing wrong with dogs - but there is a lot wrong with some of their owners.

And the sooner these practices are banned here the better.

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sgt.turmeric said...

Declawing cats is also banned in several countries.