Friday, 28 March 2008

CBC Radio Two and the CBC Radio Orchestra

This is a letter I wrote to my MP

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Dear [insert MP name here]

I am very reluctant to request political interference in the affairs of our national broadcaster. But recent events have made me very angry indeed. We support the CBC with taxes in order that we can have an alternative to commercial broadcasters. Unfortunately the CBC management seems not to understand the meaning of the words "public broadcasting".

Recent announcements have made it clear that Radio Two is to cease to be the home of good music, and will instead provide the sort of audible wall paper known as "elevator music". And the last surviving radio symphony orchestra in North America is to be scrapped. Not because it is not successful at what it has been doing for the last 70 years. But because it can be replaced by something cheaper.

It seems to me that if we cannot have a good public broadcaster for our taxes, then we would be better off without the CBC altogether. The commercial stations will not replace what we now have, but we do not need to spend taxes on what we are going to get. There is plenty of "easy listening" out there. We do not need to subsidize more of it.

I hope that you are getting many such messages from appalled Radio Two listeners, and those of use who appreciate what the Vancouver based radio orchestra represents. I trust you will raise these matters in the House and with your colleagues in the government.

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