Friday, 29 February 2008

Weird touch pad behaviour

I took my Asus Eeepc into the Blenz to play with while I had my coffee. But I could not control the cursor with my touch pad. I think someone has found a way to hack into the wireless connection.

I thought at first it was simply interference from other users - but there was only one other that I could see and I talked to him very pleasantly and he was not touching his mouse while my cursor was "going crazy"

Anyone had a similar experience?

It is not a hardware issue: as soon as I got home, it was back to normal again.


peterpignans said...

Maybe time to buy a Mac ? I only just discovered your blog , and am happy to find such a lot of good common sense ... Thank you , and keep up the good work !

jonrkc said...

Low battery in a desktop wireless mouse does this craziness, so might it be a battery issue? Also when out in the world there is so much radio interference possible; my first guess is that. But if it consistently happens everywhere chances are it's something intrinsic to the EeePC...