Friday, 15 February 2008

"Venus" By Lucas Cranach the Elder Is Too Overtly Sexy For Transport for London

Lucas Cranach the Elder, Venus, 1532, Oil and tempera on red beechwood, 37.7 x 24.5 cm. Stadel Museum, Frankfurt am Main, Inv. Nr. 1125. Photo © : Jochen Beyer, Village-Neuf.

I will respect the photographer's copyright - though quite how someone can claim to own the rights to pictures of people dead for nearly 500 years beats me.
Transport for London has refused to display a poster of the “Venus” painting by German artist Lucas Cranach the Elder stating it was overtly sexual. This painting is one of the 70 works that will be on view at the Royal Academy of Arts on March 8 in London. According to the academy, Transport for London would only display the image if the bottom half was cropped out.

Academy spokeswoman Jennifer Francis said, “I think it is because she's totally nude as opposed to say she's topless. We're shocked. We wouldn't have put a poster design forward if we thought it was offensive."

Actually it reminded me of that old Muppets joke

"Hey look, the comedian's a bear"

"No, he's anot, he's awearing aneck atie!"


martin dace said...

Seems like the Taliban are running Transport for London then.

Stephen Rees said...

Aparently not