Sunday, 10 February 2008


Knowledge Network last night had a National Geographic Special called "Skin"

A search of the National Geographic web site shows that it was probably a repackaging of other material. The search term skin produced a two hour special on the human body and series of programs called "Taboo" that covered some other ground.

The take home messages that I got (and I do not want to discuss scarification or tatoos) were that we all need touch. This was demonstrated by a study which showed how bringing in elderly women to the special care baby unit to massage premature babies improved the health of both babies and women. For no-one wants to touch old ladies, and without the opportunity to touch and be touched they both fail to thrive. My only observation is old men need this too.

And Spencer Tunnick was covered too. And also showed that complete strangers who can be persuaded to take off their clothes and lie around in a random pile in asexual contact with each other find the experience so good they don't want to get up and put their clothes back on. So the mantra "I just want to be held" is worth listening to chaps. Just take your clothes off first.

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