Saturday, 23 February 2008

Northern Voice

I have just spent two days at a conference on blogging - which means it must be about the most well documented event I have ever attended. Lots of live bloggers, loads of flickr photos. Quite overwhelming really. I have all kinds of follow up to do.

I was interviewed by Chris Heuer and that is now on Utterz

My EeePC attracted some attention but was by no means the only one there. Though I suspect I was the only one with the basic black, no camera, small chip, small battery, as delivered version. I saw one that had been upgraded and reloaded with Ubuntu - another that had the Linux taken off and XP installed. AND it had a nice leather cover so it looked like a Moleskin - but it must have got very hot. So maybe I am unique in liking the cheap, easy to use straight out of the box, no need to modify basic version. And a newer more powerful one with a bigger screen is expected any day now.

Lots of stickers (see above) and badges, quite a few business cards.

If you missed it, plan to go next year and book early. Maybe next time they will have decent coffee, enough food for lunch and somewhere to hang your coat up. But these are minor quibbles. Excellent presentations today from Matt Mullenweg, Marc Canter, Dave Olson and Alex Waterhouse Hayward.


DaveO said...

Glad you enjoyed my schtick Stephen! I agree though, next year we need a coffee sponsor to keep the java flowing.

Chris Heuer said...

Really great to meet you Stephen - keep up the good fight and make sure those government folks keep it honest!