Saturday, 9 February 2008

New Lap Top EeePC

Picked this up yesterday at Powersonic.

I had heard about a small cheap laptop with Linux pre-installed, so when I saw the ad in the HUB I had to get one. My attempts to get wi-fi cards to work in my Palm were very unsatisfactory, and the experience of watching others live blogging was salutory.

So far I am quite pleased. Really easy to get started - turn it on, hit "Enter", follow the prompts. Wi-fi set up also very straight forward. The biggest issue was finding a space on a power bar for the transformer/rectifier for the router's power. Tiny screen of course, but wide format, and very clear. Battery life seems to be around 2 hours with the screen bright and the network running. I didn't need sound on. It does get surprisingly hot. Reminds me of the old ZX1, which some claimed made great toast.

For around $400 plus tax not a bad way to start mobile computing. "Add or remove programs" - the button that says that it what it does actually just gets updates. You need to be able to open a terminal and then use the Linux Command Shell. Navigation is made problematic as LInux shell does not cope with the space in My Documents where downloads go by default. And it turns out that there is a right click even though it looks like one button. Pressing the right end of the bar produced more options than pressing the left end.

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