Thursday, 28 February 2008

Blogger endangers young mens' lives

Prince Harry has been secretly serving in Afghanistan with British troops since December, it emerged today.

The news of his operational posting leaked out following the breakdown of a news blackout agreement with the media when the story was posted on the US-based Drudge Report website.

Unbelievably Drudge seems to think it has done something praiseworthy - and so does Channel 4 News. They are both wrong. It is not important that there be general knowledge of the whereabouts of someone who is inevitably a prime target. I am not a monarchist. I also do not support the current mission in Afghanistan, and I wish that we could get our troops home soon, and out of harm's way. I do not think we can defeat the Taliban this way.

I do not support them either, but it is not up to us to dictate how the Afghans organise themselves. Any more than we would want them to tell us how to behave. And various invaders and imperialists have been trying to control this area for centuries with a singular lack of success.

Clearly, if the Taliban could kill or injure Cornet Harry Wales, that would be for them some kind of major media victory. All Drudge has done is play into their hands. I cannot think of a single reason why that is a matter for satisfaction anywhere on our side. He's back home now, which I am sure is a relief to the men who served alongside him also put at risk by this blogger's idiocy

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