Monday, 7 January 2008

Women's ski jumping deserves better

I cannot believe this. How on earth did this become to be an issue in 2008?

I really have very little interest in sports in general and the Olympics in particular. So I was quite unaware until a few moments ago that sex discrimination is alive and well and living at the IOC. There is a case wending its way slowly through the process, of course, but it is obvious that the Canadian and BC governments cannot spend public money on events that discriminate.
The IOC, insisting that the women's side of the sport is not developed enough and doesn't meet the criteria for inclusion, voted 14 months ago not to add it to the 2010 schedule.
Could it be that the people who voted against come from countries that do not have a women's ski jumping team? Or have antediluvian attitudes to women competing in sports? It does not matter. They are coming here and, for now at least, we are a sovereign country that likes to think itself civilized. If the IOC wants to prevent women from competing they had better take their games somewhere else.

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