Saturday, 26 January 2008

US network faces $1m nudity fine

A network gets fined for showing what everybody has - buttocks. In this case female and not covered. Before 10pm. Of course before 10 pm they can and will show murder and mayhem, real and imaginary, with impunity. A naked bum you see is obscene. Except after 10pm. But violence, sometimes graphic, always shocking - "if it bleeds, it leads" - and detailed forensic reconstructions of bullets passing through flesh, knives stuck in crania, that's fine. The kids are quite free to watch that. And the shootings in the schools. Crimes described in graphic detail so they can be copied and spread across the land. That is alright. Not obscene you see. Does not have anything remotely connected to reproduction. Or people being nice to each other. Or looking at something that might be deemed beautiful.

No doubt the footage will be on Youtube if you missed it.

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