Friday, 18 January 2008


I was most disappointed that Santa did not bring me a Swiss Army knife, so I went and bought one at House of Knives since they had a sale on. It is not a weapon, it is a collection of tools, and most useful it has been already. But they also gave me a coupon for free knife sharpening, so I took in my Chicago chef's knife (carefully wrapped because it sure looks like a weapon). It has not been sharpened since I got it over 20 years ago, but is has been honed on a steel regularly. I always say that sharp knives are a lot safer than a dull knife, because you can predict where it is going and you need much less pressure on it to use it effectively. I had some left over steak in the fridge which I wanted to slice at an angle to make a sandwich and this is now the perfect tool for the job. It almost looked like beef sushi "slice it thin, pile it high!"

I have no financial links to Victorinox, Chicago cutlery or House of Knives. But I recommend their products and services to you.

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