Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Giuliani's worst nightmare

A Guardian report from the Republican primary that uncovers an aspect that is new to me.

Giulani has been using his image as "America's Mayor" - based largely on the spin put around 9/11. The families of first responders who died needlessly that day do not want to let him get away with that. For Giuliani's decisions before during and after 9/11 made matters much worse than thery need have been.

If like me you are not aware of these aspects of events I suggest you click on the title above and read the story. I would never vote Republican even if I could. But this to me suggests that Giuliani should face more than anger at the primaries. Some kind of investigation is called for - unless (some hopes) he admits incompetence and retires to obscurity.


He has now withdrawn from the race. Good.

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