Wednesday, 23 January 2008

German railways admits complicity in Holocaust

And about time too.

The defence that so many Germans used in the aftermath of the war was that "we didn't know". This is now well understood to be untrue not least due to the work of historians like Daniel Goldhagen.

As one passenger on one of these trains notes
The farmers in the fields laughed at us when we asked them where it was and symbolically sliced their hands across their throats."
Ordinary Germans knew what was intended as part of the policy of a Jew free Reich. It is not as if the leaders of the Nazi party were exactly reticent about it.

What depresses me more than the holocaust deniers - who no doubt will pop up once again to spread their deceits - is the fact that genocides have not stopped. There are still people who think that treating some ethnic group as though they were disposable is somehow justifiable. And news of new "ethnic cleansing" operations seems to reach us regularly. And religious leaders continue to foment hatred of infidels, and counsel killing as a way of dealing with those who have a different faith.

When will we ever learn?

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