Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Thinking of visiting the US?

I did not reuse the headline from the original story deliberately. Her sex, age and hair colour should be irrelevant.

You must read this first.

This is what America has become. If you are American, you must understand what your government has done and is doing to destroy your nation's reputation.

If you are not an American citizen you need to understand that you have no legal rights at all. They can detain you and ship you to a third country to be tortured on the basis of nothing credible at all. They have already done that to many people including an innocent Canadian engineer who had no intentions whatever of entering the US but what was just changing planes in NYC!

There can be no possible justification for this behaviour as it is obvious that this young woman posed absolutely no threat to the US at all - and that is all Homeland Security is supposed to be about. The United States is becoming a fascist police state - if it is not one already.

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