Monday, 10 December 2007

Robert Latimer has been persecuted, not prosecuted

When Robert Latimer was refused parole, I felt that i should write about it. But for a variety of reasons I simply could not deal with it. I cannot imagine what it must have taken for this man to take the decision he did. But I have long thought that in the case of euthanasia, we treat our pets much better than our families.

This piece by Ian Mulgrew is far better than I could have managed, and I applaud his courage in printing it. I expect he will now get the full weight of condemnation to hell from the "holier than thou" crowd.
There is an unrelated judgment from the Supreme Court that says "a liberal and humane criminal law cannot hold people to the strict obedience of laws in emergency situations where normal human instincts . . . overwhelmingly impel disobedience . . . such acts are still wrongful, but in the circumstances are excusable. Praise is indeed not bestowed, but pardon is."

You can help urge cabinet to make that decision -- visit Latimer's website at or sign the petition at

There is also a group on Facebook called Free Robert Latimer.

I can think of no better case for mercy.

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