Monday, 3 December 2007

In a race for mayor, Taylor would stand as a brand unto herself

Interesting think piece from Miro Cernetig this morning. Taylor herself has not declared, but her backers are talking. She would not run under the NPA banner but as an independent.

The story concentrates on the wheelchair factor - Sullivan as hero overcoming huge personal odds to wave the flag of the Olympics as Vancouver's Mayor. But that is not going to be the thing that most Vancouverites remember. Miro does not mention this so I will. There is a much more recent memory - months of a completely unnecessary strike - no garbage collection all summer, no libraries, no daycare. Other municipalities manged to get a deal really quickly with no disruption at all - and most people now remember the event as "Sam's strike": fairly or not, that is the lasting impression.

Meanwhile Carol supporters will
flash back to the finance minister's effective depoliticization of public-service labour negotiations, when she signed deals with every single union in the province, a historic first.

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